2016 Strategic Technology Forum USA

Legal Week Strategic Technology Forum USA 2016
From evolution to revolution – the enabling force of legal technology

October 4-6, 2016
Royal Palms Resort and Spa
Phoenix, AZ


Day One: Tuesday, October 4, 2016

12.30 pm Welcome lunch

2.00 pm Chairman's opening remarks
Martin Telfer, former global director, financial systems, Baker & McKenzie

The Evolution of Legal Services Delivery

2.10 pm Opening keynote: Why law firms are inherently bad at innovation
Data is the new oil, the new wealth, and the new power, but how do we shackle its potential? Information seeks us out in today’s new data economy, we don’t seek it. Throughout the consumer world, people are exposed to increasingly innovative forms of information delivery, but why are law firms inherently bad at using this information to drive innovation deep into the firm? This session highlights the weaknesses that must be dealt with in order to change the way law firms provide legal services.
Mike Rebeiro, global head of technology and innovation, Norton Rose Fulbright

2.50 pm Leader session - Responding to market disruption: from information, to insight, to action
Client, competitor, and internal pressures are forcing firms to change business models and practices. Key to this (r)evolution is the acknowledged need to deliver new services, packaged in new ways, with new levels of efficiency - made even more challenging by the concurrent need to increase profitability. Charting a course that identifies the optimal strategies, attracts the right clients, and enables lawyers and operational teams to execute effectively is equally challenging. This session will explore how innovations in information management are enabling firms to respond effectively with fresh approaches, rooted in analytics, that integrate strategy into the fabric of business process and service delivery.
Craig Courter, global chief operating officer, Baker & McKenzie

3.30 pm Afternoon networking break

3.50 pm How innovative technnology drives transformation in the legal services profession
The legal industry is undergoing unprecedented change. Driven by a globalized economy and fast-changing customer demands, the legal industry is poised for a digital transformation that will redefine professional services in the years to come. Expect to gain insight and direction about how to embrace and encourage transformation in your firm. Discover how technology can be the catalyst of transformation and assist in lifting the overall performance of your organization.
Ahmed Shaaban, managing director, Fulcrum GT

Legal Process

4.25 pm Lean Six Sigma – processes everywhere
Gone are the days when lawyers saw their work largely as an art form. Processes have been identified throughout the legal services delivery line, and technology is plugging in to these processes to ensure the firm functions with greater efficiency and effectively delivers on client demands. While its pedigree is firmly entrenched in heavy manufacturing, Lean Six Sigma's working practices are being translated and then permeated through the core of many law firms. What does LSS mean for your firm, and how relevant is it to the way law firms are evolving? Join this session to get the lowdown from one of the pioneers of LSS.
Lisa Damon, partner, Seyfarth Shaw

5.05 pm Is the age of ERP for law firms here?
Law firms need to control their global operations more closely in a market that is being impacted by factors such as shrinking demand, flat rates, rising costs, and falling profits. Couple this with a general trend towards consolidation and you have a potentially compelling case for ERP as an inevitable and essential platform for future law firm management. This session takes a balanced view for and against the use of ERP in law firms.
Martin Telfer, former global director, financial systems, Baker & McKenzie

5.40 pm Close of day one

7.00 pm Drinks reception

7.45 pm Opening night dinner

Day Two: Wednesday, October 5, 2016

9.00 am Chairman's opening remarks
Martin Telfer, former global director, financial systems, Baker & McKenzie

AI - Finally?

9.05 am Future horizons: The rise of AI in the legal profession
The momentum of AI is clear to see in the legal profession. Just look at the amount of web hits that your search engine pulls up. The vast array of benefits that have been promised are finally starting to be delivered, so that we can see the look and feel of practical benefits that AI will bring to the world and, more specifically, to our legal world. Hear about the most advanced AI project yet in this opening keynote to kick off our final day and blow away the cobwebs of the night before.
Andrew Arruda, CEO & co-founder, ROSS Intelligence

The Client

9.50 am Looking under the hood - corporate legal technology 
This session will change the direction of focus to the client by providing a high level overview of the inner workings at one of the most highly regarded multinational businesses. Expect to gain insight into how legal IT systems have been aligned to the rest of the corporate infrastructure to create a best-of-breed integrated platform. Hear about the decision making behind cloud vs. on premise systems and the many stages of improving user adoption. Finally, identify key insight behind the continuous improvement that means success is never final.
Lawrence Gianneschi, director, legal technology, Colgate-Palmolive

10.25 am Coffee break

10.55 am Matter costing, pricing, and management
With increased pressure on fees, and the continuing development of alternative fee arrangements, attorneys and firms must improve their ability to deliver more accurate fee estimates, and to manage the work undertaken so as to meet the client’s resultant cost and quality expectations. This session will cover the various approaches to better fee estimation, including reference to previous similar cases and matter templates, a review of the current available approaches designed to assist, and emerging ‘best practice’ from the UK in the use and adoption of such systems.
Neil Cameron, managing director, NCCG

11.30 am Balancing cyber security with usability
In the cyber-attack hit list, law firms are unfortunately, but understandably, towards the top. With a greater alignment between the security services and industry there is now a more united front in the fight against such attacks, but the inconvenient truth is that law firms are still being attacked on a daily basis.. Is this the new norm, or is there more that we as a profession can do to counteract the threats? How do we ensure usability does not undermine efforts to close the loop on cyber security?
Justin Hectus, director of information, Keesal, Young & Logan

12.15 pm Meeting the new regulators: your clients
This session will address the rise in regulatory pressure law firms are receiving from their clients in finance and healthcare sectors. It will address the key considerations law firms need to consider in order to satisfy the security needs of your clients in highly regulated sectors. You will be provided with examples from industry and explore the types of breach issues you should be mitigating in your firm. Finally, our speaker will cover the rising threat of ransomware which can leave client information exposed to external abuse.
Mark Sangster, vice president marketing, eSentire

12.50 pm Lunch and networking

1.40 pm Planning the resource allocation of your lawyers

Resource allocation has its foundations in project management and analytics, but how does this marry with the intrinsic fact that the heart of a law firm is linked to the complex chemistry of people working together? Your IT systems are the bridge between the analytical decision making and the inexact science of human interaction. To fine tune your resource allocation is to move closer to optimizing your global workforce efficiency. Find out how in this interactive session.
Amani Smathers, legal solutions architect, Davis Wright Tremaine - De Novo 

2.10 pm Innovative customer service across information services - a new approach
The most progressive and innovative legal IS teams are embracing a culture of customer service in order to improve internal and external client user experience and engagement. This competitive edge will raise firm performance and ultimately provide the most efficient delivery of world-class external client service. Join this practical session to explore how to flip your focus from gadgets to people and inculcate a complete customer service culture throughout your organization, leading to the balanced delivery of training, user experience working groups and performance measurement tools. 
Robert Kerr, chief information officer, Cooley

2.40 pm End of conference day two

3.00 pm Start of leisure networking activities

7.00 pm Networking reception

7.45 pm Gala dinner

Day Three: Thursday, October 6, 2016

10.00 am Chairman's opening remarks
Martin Telfer, former global director, financial systems, Baker & McKenzie

The Future

10.05 am How to truly innovate
Talk is cheap when it comes to innovation. To truly innovate you have to influence people and embed innovation into your culture. Law firms are not widely considered to be at the forefront of innovation due to the traditional nature of the profession. This session highlights how innovation can be triggered, lessons from the consumer world's successes, and how you can be the catalyst of innovation in your firm.
Patrick Maroney, global customer innovation and enterprise platform, SAP

10.50 am Workplace dynamics of the future: Office of 2026
Business and technology are evolving at such a rapid rate that it is hard to envisage how and where people will work in the future. With the legal profession being so reliant on human capital, who in turn rely on fast and effective communications, law firm working dynamics in 2026 could be some of the most advanced of any organization. This session will explore what the future looks like and help you to ask why lawyers and support staff need to work like they do today. Our expert will outline future plans for office design and resource management 10 years from now.
Marilyn Archer, principal, Gensler
Steve Martin, principal, Gensler

11.30 am Chairman's closing remarks

Martin Telfer, former global director, financial systems, Baker & McKenzie